A Dirty Chimney or Vent is Potentially Dangerous.

Chimney and vent cleanings are a key ingredient to keeping your systems efficient and safe for use. Removing creosote and soot from your chimney can correct unpleasant odors, improper drafting/flow, and prevent chimney and structure fires.

It’s not just fireplaces that need cleaned, but also gas/oil furnaces, boilers, water heaters and clothes dryers all need their vents cleaned, inspected, and serviced. Servicing these appliances keeps them running efficiently, increases appliance lifespan, and helps prevent fires and carbon monoxide leakage which can cause property damage and serious health problems, even death.

With every sweeping, Nor’east Chimney & Vent provides a FREE NFPA Level 1 inspection

Chimney and Vent Sweeping

  • Tarps, runners, and booties to keep your floor free of footprints, soot, lint, and dirt
  • HEPA certified high-efficiency vacuum to keep dust and particles as minimal as possible for those with sensitive allergies
  • Top to bottom cleaning of your chimney or vent system using our state of the art rotary brush system
  • Removal of obstructions and combustible deposits, such as soot, creosote, rust, debris, nests, etc.
  • Disposal of any ash or debris found in your system
  • Cleaning of your stove and stove glass.
  • FREE NFPA Level 1 inspection
  • Review of the condition of the system with you
  • Forward scheduling for annual cleanings/inspections
Let us make your chimney cleaner & safer - customized with care for your house or facility! Book An Appointment